Irrigation System Winterization in Rocky Mount

Your Ultimate Guide to Winterizing Your Irrigation System for Rocky Mount Home and Business Owners

Living in Rocky Mount, NC has a ton of benefits. However, one thing that's difficult is that we get hit by both cold winter temperatures and sweltering summer heat! The temperamental climate makes keeping your home or business looking beautiful year-round a challenge. It's enough to drive a homeowner— or landscaper— bonkers!

A big part of this responsibility is making sure you've got an irrigation system set up at your Rocky Mount home or business that can handle the challenges of a rainless summer and keep your lawn looking lush and green even in the most severe heat waves.

That's the easy part. The hard part? Well, it's making sure that same irrigation system is properly winterized before the first frost of the year. Because it's impossible to predict when that date could be, it's essential you get prepared before the leaves start changing color.

Failure to properly winterize your irrigation system can prove costly. Ice crystals can freeze inside your irrigation hose and puncture it, and once it's frozen, it's impossible to fix until the spring thaw. There's no room for error— unless you want to replace your sprinkler system entirely every single year. Since that's not high on the priority list of any home or business owner in Rocky Mount, check out this informative guide to winterizing your irrigation system!

When's the Best Time to Winterize My Irrigation System?

You need to winterize your irrigation system before the first 'hard freeze' of the year. Contrary to popular belief, the term 'hard freeze' doesn't refer to the freezing temperature of water— 32 degrees— but slightly below it. The first hard freeze of the season is the first instance the outdoor air drops below 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the absolute last deadline for winterizing your irrigation system. If the temperature drops below 28, even for just a few hours, the damage is already done.

How Do I Winterize My Irrigation System?

There are some methods, but all operate on the same principle: making 100% certain that all the water in your irrigation system has been displaced. The liquid is usually 'blown out' via an air compressor or pump: the rapidly moving air pushes the water out, leaving your irrigation system dry and protected from frost crystals.

Be careful, however. It's not so simple as heading down to your local hardware store, buying a tank of compressed air, and then blasting it through your system's hoses. If you're not careful, you could introduce too much pressure into your sprinkler system, causing it to burst.

Trust the Professionals

Of course, there is an easier method than watching tutorial videos online and anxiously waiting for the first frost of the year. Simply call E.D. Ward Landscaping Inc.. We'll take care of it for you, well in advance of the first hard freeze. We're Rocky Mount's landscaping and irrigation experts, after all. We'll winterize your irrigation system for a modest fee, letting you sleep soundly all through the season. Want to know more? Give us a call today!