French Drains in Rocky Mount

Is outside water always making its way into your basement? Are you building a retaining wall on a hillside? Then it sounds like you need a French drain installed on your property. Contact E.D. Ward Landscaping Inc. today at 252.908.1508. We'll turn your surface water problems into a thing of the past.

Irrigation Services You Can Trust

As full-service landscapers, we don't just trim hedges and mow lawns. We make sure your property isn't damaged by North Carolina's steady flow of rainfall. With the average annual precipitation being 37 inches, we make sure your lawn, garden beds and home's foundation are not damaged by pooling, flooding, or erosion. That's where our French drains come in.

As certified landscapers and irrigation professionals, we are the team you can count on. We keep our rates low, and we work quickly to ensure minimal disruption. And don't worry, we always clean up our mess before we leave!

Are you looking for a way to keep all that rainwater from your home's foundation or garden beds? Call E.D. Ward Landscaping Inc. today to request our French drain services.

Save Your Yard from Soil Erosion

We all know that water flows downhill, but some yards don't have a hill for groundwater to flow through. Other times, water doesn't flow down the property's natural slope because of a plateaued area or natural obstruction. When that water begins to pool, it can do a fair bit of damage to your soil. In less severe instances all that water can simply make your yard inhabitable until that water finally disappears.

With an expertly planned French drain system, you'll never be inconvenienced by pools of groundwater ever again. When the problem is surface water, we usually suggest installing a shallow French drain (also known as a curtain drain). These drains extend themselves horizontally across the property. As the name suggests, these drains don't have to be very deep— the average depth is about 2 feet, which means less preparation and digging than other drains.

French Drain Repairs and Replacements

Sometimes your French drain will fail you. Sometimes the sediment-rich groundwater can wind up plugging your drain. Thankfully, we have all the tools necessary to unclog any drainage system. We can even correct improperly laid drainage pipes, too! A French drain can last up to 30 years— and we intend to make sure your drain stands the test of time.

The Importance of Planning Your Yard's Drainage System

We don't rush into our jobs. We take time to select the best spot to re-route excess water from, and make sure we've selected the best place for that water to be re-routed to. We make sure the trench line is free of obstructions and that the slope-line is perfect for your property.

E.D. Ward Landscaping Inc. Provides the Best French Drain Installations in Rocky Mount

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